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Welcome to the wondrous world of GeoArchive!

A brief historyThe basic idea for GeoArchive originated at the end of 2015 with Eesger Toering, owner and founder of  Knooppunt intermedia , after both his parents had passed away.

The idea arose to organize his family archive for his daughter. However, nothing could be found that could provide a good answer to that wish. It was also discussed with the "Ketliker village archivist" Lammert Sloothaak and the idea soon grew from "a small system" for the family archive to a platform for archives, collections and other collections.

For Eesger it became a "testing ground" to test and implement the latest and most modern developments in the platform.

In 2022, "the decision was made" and it was decided to no longer let it float in a "test phase" but to turn it into a real mature service!


Who? What? Where?


GeoArchief wants to help you with this classic question. GeoArchive stands for:


  • Ge = genealogy = who
  • Geo = geography = where
  • Archive = 'the collection' = what

Who is GeoArchive for?

GeoArchive has been developed as "generally as possible". With the aim of being suitable for all kinds of collections.

This can be anything, for example:

  • image banks
    For the collection of company photos, promotional material, the collection of holiday photos or city and village archives. Even your museum's media library can find a home at GeoArchive 
  • genealogy
    from colleagues in the office, the membership of the association, the family tree of your family to all residents ever in your village or city
  • heritage
    is the collective term of the above, for which GeoArchive is extremely suitable!

The aim is to make it as easy as possible to link one person in your GeoArchive to another in another GeoArchive. This also applies to images, for example. This allows collaboration and the collection to grow and improve! Another advantage is that one collection can be linked to another.


"Anything is possible", but it doesn't have to be!


Copyright and privacy legislation (AVG/GDPR) has been taken into account in every possible way. So what is made public and/or shared is completely up to you!

Only this page is in English?yes, that is correct. At this moment GeoArchive is in it's pilot phase.

We are first deploying and promoting the project in Friesland (a nothern province of The Netherlands). In this phase we want to smooth out all the software and then make entry public to all who want to join.

Lets go international!?A great idea, but our team is small and we want to do it right, not fast..

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